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Friday, March 24, 2006

The tubes are in....the tubes are in...

the little guy's ears that is. It went well today. It was a whirl wind morning. I had my first sono at the ob's office. It was just to get a due date. When I saw my Dr. I told him we had to have my son to the surgeon's at 9:30. That gave him 5 minutes to do his job. He spent 2 of it finding out how the little guy was and what the plan was for him. We then went over everything on me for two minutes and he zipped out of the room to fill out paperwork for the triple screen at the speed of light. He told the secretary to call me for my level 2 sonogram appt in three weeks and told me to get my labs drawn whenever I had time today. I've met many dr.'s that would not have been that accommodating.

We made it to the ENT/surgeon's office right on time. He said that the little guy actually had a crust built up on his ear drum from the infections. He explained the procedure, had him fitted for ear plugs and said the MRI looked good. We went and registered checked in for surgery and before we knew it, we were on our way home. The dr. was able to clean up the right ear drum when he put the tube in and could find nothing wrong that caused the Bells Palsy. It is believed it was from the infections. This was good news and we all hope to live happily ever after. If the ear drums don't heal when the tubes come out, then the dr. will patch the holes. Normally, I'm not a fan of tubes, but sometimes these things are necessary. This dr. had seen the Bells Palsy in infants before and is very optimistic that the nerve will eventually heal. There is nothing better than when the medical community works together just as it should. It is amazing that we were able to see a dr. of his caliber in that time frame and accomplish the surgery. His first personal contact on this case was an email from our pediatrician on Sat. The two emailed back and forth through the week and made a plan. From the first time the Bells Palsy was discovered 6 mos ago, everyone did everything right and in a timely fashion. The little guy has had flawless medical care throughout this, excepting the anesthesiologist on the first MRI, and has the best chance for recovery.

I haven't had a fever in two days and hope I feel like working around the house and knitting soon.


Blogger Ron R said...

Good news!

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Siri said...

Wow! Sounds like there's alot to be hopeful and grateful for!
Sonogram??? Sonogram??? I guess we HAVE been gone for awhile.
Congratulations on all accounts.
You have alot on your plate these days.

11:46 PM  

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