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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Everyone is all right!

My home town had two tornadoes go through on Sunday night. I'm happy to report that everyone is okay. Saturday was my last day in Springfield and I'm glad I wasn't there Sunday night. My brother was with my mom throughout the storm. He had come over to cook her dinner.

The devastation I've seen at the website of the local newspaper was amazing. The schools remain closed and I'm sorry to report that the Starbucks with the drive-thru remains without power and closed. My mother and brother were so stunned that it was closed when they were headed to St. Louis for mom's chemo this morning that they didn't even think to see if the other businesses had power. Apparently, both drive-thru coffee shops in Spfld remain closed. My brother is taking this quite hard. Fortunately, the downtown Starbucks in the Hilton remains open.

My mother was one of the few in Spfld. that had power throughout the storm. My brother-in-law lives just 4 blocks from a severely hit neighborhood and he was fine. Most of my family lives in the same neighborhood on the north end where no one has a basement. I'm thankful that area was spared. It's mainly ranches on slabs and is a combination of young families and the elderly. People in Spfld tend to ignore the sirens as the tornadoes ususally hit Chatham and miss the city. My mother had not gone to the basement when the sirens went off. I've suggested that she do that the next time.

I've started knitting again. Maybe I'll post a picture tomorrow.

I put the link to the local paper with the title of this post. There are picture galleries of the storm damage. I'm relieved to know that someone returned Paul Bunyan's head.


Blogger Bea said...

Oh my!!! I've heard some on the news! SO GLAD and THANKFUL that you and your family are ok!!!

Poor Brother :0( No Starbucks! Funny what we become dependent on, Huh? :o) Glad he's able to get around and FIND an open coffee shop!

Take care!

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Siri said...

Gosh. They say people get a lot of their news from blogs these days. I guess they're right. I hadn't heard of the tornados (not surprising, as we don't have T.V. reception) yet. C's aunt, uncle, and cousin live in Springfield.
I'm assuming no news is good news, as we haven't heard anything from the rest of the family in St. Louis.
We'll have to give them a call.
I used to work for Starbucks in Boulder, CO. One morning after an early snowstorm (September 22nd!) that brought down many, many still-leafed out trees, I showed up for work but the power was out. My co-worker and I just sat in the cold waiting to see if the power would come back on. People couldn't see us inside in the dark, but we watched them come up and try the door and walk away, disappointed.
We didn't get power back for a couple more days so we had to pour gallons and gallons of milk down the drain!
Other times that the power went out temporarily, we would pour all the hot, brewed coffee into big thermoses, take it outside and give it away, free, before it went cold.
I'm glad to hear your family is all right.

12:01 PM  

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