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Monday, March 20, 2006


I have a wicked cold/sore throat combo. Since I'm expecting again, I cannot take any cold medicine, drink any rock n rye, etc.

The ENT dr. did not call today to move up the appt. If they don't call by Wed, I'm supposed to call my regular pediatrician back. I willed the phone to ring all day, but no luck.

The storm radio went off today. We are expecting a winter storm. So much for the first day of spring. Atleast I'm not in Springfield. They have a blizzard warning with a hundred percent chance of snow. A guy that works for the city told people to go home, shut their doors when the snow starts and don't come out. Apparently, there is still so much debris from the two tornadoes that they won't be able to plow like usual. This could put a real dent in the primary turnout for election day in the capital city.

If I felt better I'd knit wool socks.

Over at Elann there is some really nice Regia spring sock yarn. I've knit with both yarns and like them both. Since I went a little overboard when my lys had this yarn on sale, I abstained from the elann purchase today.


Anonymous Dani said...

Did I miss an announcement somewhere, or was that it? CONGRATS to you and the newest knitter to be!!!

Feel better soon =)

2:51 PM  

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