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Monday, April 17, 2006

The egg hunts were a success

I held egg hunts for the men and the women at a family gathering. For the men, I had a combination of scratch off lottery tickets and chocolate. (If anyone figures out a way to get beer in an egg by next year, please let me know.) For the women, I had 12 i-cord scarves made out of fancy yarn with fringe, chocolate, and yankee candles. I made almost all the scarves in a week. One cousin found six of the scarves,(I found two tiny eggs with chocolate in them, I think pregnant women should get a handicap) she held up two scarves that were doubles and told another cousin who didn't get any she could pick one. That cousin snatched both and said she wanted both of them. I guess the egg hunts were a success. Now, I have to knit more scarves for those who ended up scarfless and were sad. This means a trip to the yarn shop.


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