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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Some Progress

I finished the knitting of the bag for my daughter's birthday and an outer pocket that will be monogrammed with needle felting. I promise I will pay attention and not skewer any fingers. I'm still waiting for the kit. I thought my friend ordered on Friday but she waited til Sunday. The fastest I've gotten anything from knitpicks is three days and it shipped on the 27th. My daughter's birthday is the 30th. Doesn't look good, does it? I still have to do the inside pockets.
As for Melanie's socks. They've given up and decided to be good in public. I've knit them at the speech therapist appt and the pediatrician's office and there has been no frogging. There's still hope for these socks. Posted by Hello


Blogger PoMaBear said...

I think the crafts are a dying breed for city girls.. being from a small town, and around 25 yrs, not many of my peers seem to be into home-ec stuffs.. Your blog has me smiling for the fondness of the fiber arts. :) I'm a quilter myself, but I don't think anyone would ever guess.

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