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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Day 8...

It's day 8 of the evil rash that's overtaken my daughter's body. I get to take all 4 children to the dermatologist at 8:15 tomorrow morning for a fifth opinion. So far the tally is: 2 votes enterovirus (rash seen at day 4), one vote allergic reaction to sunscreen (rash seen at day 5), polymorphous light eruption or parapsoriasis (rash seen at day 6). I figure if we sleep in the car we might make it out the door at that hour. The only sunny side to this is that Panerra is across the street from the dermatology branch of the clinic. Pecan roll for me and cinnamon rolls for the kids.
I have an admission to make about those two bag patterns I just wrote. Those are mistakes. Pretty mistakes, but mistakes nonetheless. How many more bag patterns can I churn out in search for the perfect knit while I'm chasing the kids sock bag? I don't know which we should take a pool on, number of bags or which rash diagnosis is correct. Anyhoo, I'm getting just a little bit of yarn from knitpicks. A friend is ordering and I have to check the quality and see how the colors compare to the colors on my computer monitor. I think I'm going to have to sell my bag patterns to help pay for my habit. I'm going to make one more of each bag and then send them off to the Phyllis from bagaholics who has so graciously volunteered to test knit. Merry from Bagaholics has volunteered to help convert documents to pdf. If you haven't checked out bagaholics, you should. Even if you don't want to make the bag of the month, the information flow there is incredible. I have learned tons and even shared a little. There's a link to bagaholics on the sidebar. Well, I must go now. The boys are running back and forth dragging the Fisher Price houseboat behind them. Who remembers that toy? It was my favorite when I was little and I found it at a garage sale. Must return to keeping the peace.


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