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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog post to announce...

Knitpicks has new yarn. Have you been there? If not, go now. Run, don't walk. Keep Kelley in business. This is our mantra here. Order now and order often. If it weren't for Knitpicks my budget would be further in the red than it already is. I've already ordered from two lines. Stay tuned for the arrival of the package. Pictures will ensue.
Returning you to our regularly scheduled blog...
Q: Did you enjoy the Vintage Bubble Bag from Pursenalities?
A: Yes, I did. It was a fast and easy project and who can resist Silk Garden? Not me.

Q: Did you follow the pattern?
A: Yes, I believe I did. I could answer more certainly if I could find the book. It's MIA. I guess that would be the book my mom accidently borrowed. (We'll let you ponder this and come to your own conclusions.

Q: Would you knit this again?
A: Most definately. Reports from the purse user are that it is an excellent shopping purse. It folds over perfectly in the cart so no one can see in it and nothing fall out. I don't think a woman can ask for more from a bag.

Q: Why haven't you knit another?
A: Have you seen the price of silk garden? It takes two balls. Although, my LYS just received new stock of Silk Garden (That's Noro if you need to google and get some).

Q: When will knitpicks come up with an affordable version of yarn that stripes like this?
A: I don't know. Maybe if we unify and flood Knitpicks' inbox so they have the equivalent of an email log jam, they'll buckle to the pressure. It's something to think about.

Note: A big thanks to Kelley for answering the monogramming question. This Kelley is either the Kelley from knitpicks or someone is using her name. It is fitting she should answer the question as a Needlefelting kit is winding it's way to Naomi's house from Knitpicks. It was Naomi's turn to order. Stay tuned to see if the kit arrives before Sat and if I can learn to needlefelt before then or bribe Naomi who already knows how to do the "a".


Blogger Kelley said...

Hi Kara,

Thanks for all the Knit Picks enthusiasm! Just one note of caution. The needles for the needle felting are very sharp and they are barbed like fish hooks. The process of needle felting is very relaxing so it is possible to lose focus and hit your finger. Please be careful.


1:53 PM  

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