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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Dear Melanie from Way Up North

About the sock swap... It has been brought to my attention that the lovely bright and cheerful socks I am knitting you are not, NOT for public knitting. Every time I take these socks to knit in public I have a knitting deficit. How sad is that? Sad to say, these socks remain at the same point they were in their last photo op despite numerous hour of knitting. At this rate, they'll be finished in 2006. I have started some felted bags to keep me busy while I am knitting in public.
On the homefront, my daughter still has thousands of spots. She is "Spot" to the tenth power. My husband assures me they are getting better. She refused to have her picture on the blog. My little guy has eaten practically every hour today. So, I didn't get much knitting or spring cleaning done and I'm running out of library books to read.
Question of the day: Have you monogrammed on a felted bag and if so did you adjust the height of the letter to allow for shrinkage?


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