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Monday, April 25, 2005

Knitting News

My daughter will be 12 in 5 days. I have 5 days to get my act together. I am knitting her a black bag from the still nameless bag pattern I made in purple. She would like an "a" monogrammed on it. No one has answered yesterdays post question about monogramming on felted works. That leads me to draw one of two conclusions:
1. no one but my mother reads my blog and she only reads it when I tell her to
2. no one has been stupid enough to try and felt a monogram since yarns felt at different rates and the height felts more than the width
I was reading the Yarn Harlot's blog archives while nursing the baby. It is nice to know that there are other mothers out there or decide to do insane projects for their children's birthday with not nearly enough time prior to the birthday. I thought my friend, Naomi, and I were the only ones. Okay, the projects would not be insane if we did not start them so late in the game. The amazing thing is, birthdays come the same time each year. Why am I so surprised when it's a few days before the child's birthday? Something to ponder as the deadline looms. I'm sure that since I should get this project done in time, I will think of one more thing to make so I don't get any sleep. Perhaps a very Harlot Poncho. How long does one of those take anyway?


Blogger Kelley said...


No worries on the monogramming. Felt the bag and then needle felt the letters.

That ought to work :)

Kelley Petkun

3:25 PM  
Blogger TitaniumRose said...

The Harlot Poncho works up pretty quickly - I think I made mine in less than a week, and I even made it larger than the pattern called for because I'm a larger gal.

6:00 AM  

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