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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dear Kate,

The scarf you knit for the silent auction is lovely. What's that, where is the picture? It's coming soon. I'm off tonight to Peg's to work on packaging up gift baskets and taking pictures. In the last 24 hours I have typed in no less than 191 auction item entries. I then updated the excel spreadsheet to show the total of retail value auction items is 7,533.12 and the amount in retail value of door prizes is 292.00. I've managed to keep all five children alive, even after Noah stole Caleb's cinnamon roll from Panerra. I did replace the swings (took all 5 children to Home Depot) and Abby hung them. I think there were 5 other errangs in there including stopping by the shop to buy some needles yesterday. I'm itching to visit my lace knitting, but I suppose I should cook the children dinner before I go back to work on the auction.


Anonymous Kate said...

Dear Kara,

Just reading your list of errands yesterday makes me tired.

I wonder what you will do with yourself after the auction? Collapse for a day, I hope, but then you will no doubt have to come up with something else to fill the time.

Love, Kate

6:25 AM  

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