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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Yes, it's a knitting picture!

It's been a bit busy here. I'm working on the fundraiser and
getting ready to teach classes. This is the panes bag I've been
working on. You can buy the pattern here in the sidebar.
The bottom was a bit dull, but the sides are quite fun.

I'm hoping to start my Rockin' Sockin' Club socks today also.
I've given myself the day off teaching as I took two kids to health
care appointments. The news was not encouraging at the
hematologist so we'll try something different for the next three
months with meds and see if there is any improvement.
Bleeding disorders are a drag. That visit was for the oldest son.
The youngest son saw the dr. yesterday and he's not gaining
weight well. The good news is that he's got my metabolism and
will be able to eat everything in sight and stay skinny. The bad
news is that it's a battle to get enough calories in him.This has
led me to retreat with my knitting needles. I'll return to life tomorrow.
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