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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Well, still no pictures

I'm knitting an Elizabeth Zimmerman baby surplice out of Laines du Nord Baby Doll in a blue and white color. I thought the part up to the increases would take 3 days. It's been a lot more than three days and I have something like 28 more rows to go to get to the increases. I need to knit faster. I am using addi turbos, you'd think it would just fly off the needles. I think the five kids slow me down. Well, then there is the giant fundraiser I'm working on too. The raffle that I did ended today. The winner is donated his winnings back into the trust fund for the baby. This makes me enormously happy. When I called the gentleman and told him he won he told me I'd better talk to his wife. He handed her the phone and she said that he'd never won anything before and of course he would be donating the money to the baby. The poor guy never had a chance. It reminded me of my husband and I. I called the couple back and asked if the husband could eat baked goods and his wife said he could. I offered to have my husband bake him something. A cherry pie was settled on and I feel much better now.


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