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Sunday, April 01, 2007

An FO!

This took a bit longer than I thought. It's the Panes Bag from Bloomin' Knitiot. I'm going to try really hard and line it with pockets.

On a sadder note, the quilt my husband and I made together before we were married 15 years ago did not survive Mr Washy today. It has been well loved for the last year by our toddler. The binding has disintegrated and the batting is escaping. Grandma is going to try and salvage what she can.

On an even sadder note, the little boy who lived next door to us in family housing died recently. He was Pakistani. He was actually 23 when he died, but he was 12 when we knew him. The family had sent him home after 9/11. The family was concerned for their sons' safety because of the anti-muslim sentiment in the US after 9/11.He hadn't lived in Pakistan since he was quite
small and had to learn the language and everything. The mother had planned on joining the two sons in a couple of weeks but found out she had breast cancer. She remained in the US for treatment with her two other children. The young man was just getting ready to come back here to his family after many years seperation.

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