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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The auction committee relaxing after another tough day fundraising

Well, not much knitting time. A fellow knitter has a little baby at home on a ventilator. He was born premature with birth defect. So, since having 5 children and homeschooling wasn't enough to keep me busy. I decided to have a HUGE fundraising event. We are having a silent auction, craft sale, bake sale, children's games, refreshments kind of fundraiser. The above fellow was donated by Dallas & Co. Until this afternoon, I didn't fully appreciate his potential. I had taken a picture of him last week and the lighting wasn't good. So one of my partners in crime, Peg, suggested a reshoot. When Peg and her husband put him in the lawn chair, I took one look at him and said, "He needs a beer!" The couple said they had said the same thing. So, John went and got a beer. This tiger is growing on me, but he is not, let me repeat, NOT, coming home to live with my five children! He takes up more room than the three youngest.
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