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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Teeth!

Since I have no knitting pictures, I will substitute digital
scrapbooking pictures. The digital papers and elements are
"retro robot" by Leah Riordan. I purchased it for the bargain
price of $1 at You can find her blog here.
The program I use to put this together is called
LumaPix photofusion. Although I have the new version for free,
this was completed in the old version because I'm still
tinkering with the new one. I don't do upgrade well.
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8 rows to go

I have 8 rows to get to the increases on the EZ baby surplice sweater I am working on. Nothing like a little garter stitch therapy when things are going south. In order to encourage myself to get this sweater finished I refuse to post a picture until I get to those increases. Maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Non-knitting picture

 My husband and I did this today for thank you notes for the big fundraiser we are working on together.
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Well, still no pictures

I'm knitting an Elizabeth Zimmerman baby surplice out of Laines du Nord Baby Doll in a blue and white color. I thought the part up to the increases would take 3 days. It's been a lot more than three days and I have something like 28 more rows to go to get to the increases. I need to knit faster. I am using addi turbos, you'd think it would just fly off the needles. I think the five kids slow me down. Well, then there is the giant fundraiser I'm working on too. The raffle that I did ended today. The winner is donated his winnings back into the trust fund for the baby. This makes me enormously happy. When I called the gentleman and told him he won he told me I'd better talk to his wife. He handed her the phone and she said that he'd never won anything before and of course he would be donating the money to the baby. The poor guy never had a chance. It reminded me of my husband and I. I called the couple back and asked if the husband could eat baked goods and his wife said he could. I offered to have my husband bake him something. A cherry pie was settled on and I feel much better now.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What I've been doing lately...

Working on Bo's Fundraiser. I've been blogging
and making calls. I've sold a few raffle tickets,
made a lot of calls and even some new friends.
I've met Cindy and she is amazing! She can
keep up with me and she's super nice. Do you
think she knits? I haven't asked her yet. I
finally met her yesterday after numerous phone
calls. She is co-chairing this huge fundraiser with
me. I no longer feel so alone. I'm going to go knit
a bit on Sam's sweater.
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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Too tired for pictures

I'm splitting my blogging time between here and the fundraiser for Bo. I finished a Baby Surprise Jacket except for the sewing up and the sleeves. I've started a baby surplice for my littlest person. Maybe I'll snap some photos tomorrow.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Walker Treasury Project

I was looking for podcasts to listen to while I'm "enjoying" - ha ha ha, a wicked winter cold. On one of the podcast sights I found out about the Walker Treasury Project. To me, this is very exciting. Despite my mother of five not working status, I've managed to collect three of these books. I'm going to look through the books this weekend and find some patterns to knit and join.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I think this drift can stay til spring thaw
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View from the 2nd story

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So much for snow days

I thought snow days meant I could
snuggle up & knit & knit. Instead,
I shoveled, shoveled & shoveled
somemore. My two year old needed
to goto urgent care for an ear infection.
He has Bells Palsy from ear infections
so we have to be on it. My husband
braved the maybe they're open county
roads, then again maybe they're not.
The sheriff's office couldn't even tell
me if they were clear. They made it
safely there & back. In the mean time
the county came & plowed us in soI
had to shovel some more.
MaybeI can knit tonight.
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Saturday, February 10, 2007


I picked this Nashua wooly stripes up to make
a calorimetry to match my coat. It's on top of my
current Baby Surprise Jacket for the knitalong
I'm working on. I'm on Day 4. Underneath the
pile is the Baby Surplice in for repairs again. Kate
fixed it at knit night on Thursday and then it was
eaten again this morning. I picked up another ball
of yarn to reknit the cuffs. These cuffs are proving
mighty expensive.
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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yes, I ate my sweater

The first time I wore it, I ate it.
It's The Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby
Surplice sweater that my mommy
made me while she was pregnant.
She put the buttons on last night
and sewed in the ends. It was a
beautiful fit and a yummy color.
I couldn't resist. Do you think Miss Kate
can help mommy fix it at knit night
so I can eat it again tomorrow?

Cute puppy button. I can't reach him yet to eat him.

The damages
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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's too stinking cold...

to go out to the garage to get into my stash. With the arrival of the fifth child the stash was relegated to rubbermaid in the garage. It's below freezing right now in the garage. I want to start a Baby Surprise Jacket for the knitalong, but I have to work up the energy to go freeze in the stash. I wish my LYS made deliveries.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Fat Hat from Hip Knits

The two year old has decided he quite likes his big sister's hat. I guess I'll have to get some yarn and make him his own. This is Fat Hat II. Fat Hat the first has disappeared and it is wicked cold in Illinois right now.
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Fat hat from the back

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Raising Money for Bo

I'm raising money for a friend. Her son is at home on a ventilator. He spent 265 days in the hospital and the family's need is great. You can click on the title to read Bo's story.
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I made this from Mexico on Friday and Saturday. I had to have it finished to keep my daughter's ears warm for Sunday school. I'm sure that if I didn't have five kids I could have knit it in one day. Anyway, I did four less short rows. This led to a slight miss match. If you want to make it narrower, I'm guessing you need to knit an odd number of short rows. I've made a mental note to self. Next one I knit, I'm going to knit it on smaller needles. I'm sure it would be fine in most parts of the country, but it's -18 here today with the wind chill. Double knit probably wouldn't keep one's ears warm today. Since this cold spell is continuing, I'm now knitting wool hats. Maybe I'll have another FO tomorrow.
The color is a bit washed out. I'm still on the learning curve with the camera of my dreams. We'll see if it is still the camera of my dreams next week. The button is an antique mother of pearl from my grandmother's button bin.
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Thursday, February 01, 2007

A new camera

This is going to take some practice! Apparently, if you're too close, the pale skin + the flash = casper pictures.
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Spring Cleaning...Early

I just worked on this poor neglected blog. I went through all the links and deleted anything that wasn't working. Now, if I just had the time to knit, or even do anything crafty at all I could blog some. I'm still in the adjusting phase to being a mom of five as opposed to a mom of four. I'm sure sometime in the near future I'll start making it to places on time and be organized enough to take some knitting with me to appointments.