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Monday, June 20, 2005

The laptop saga continues...

I backed up things like a busy bee for days before my husband ran the recovery disk. I thought I made sure I had everything. I think I have all the pictures I've taken with the digital camera. When I went to get some sock knitting notes for a friend I found my knitting folder missing almost everything, including the two patterns I've been working on. It's all gone...gone...gone. That was a very sad moment. So, if anyone ever reads this blog, and I've sent you my notes on a knitting project - could you send back to me? Pretty please. The only patterns and notes that remain are the odd ball things that didn't fit into a folder category and were just "loose" in my knitting notes. Lesson learned - when you back up stuff on a computer that is in a coma, check each and every folder to make sure it has all of its contents.

Instead of knitting, I talked to my friend who I taught to knit on the phone. She tried to buck me up. Since I started knitting I've sent her tons of emails of my notes and I'm hoping she still has them. Cross your fingers for me. I have no knitting history, it's all gone. I solemly swear to make hard copies of everything from now on. Maybe I can rent storage.


Blogger RenĂ©e said...

How terrible Kara :( I know if I lost a lot of my knitting notes, I'd be very sad too. I hope you can recover some of them soon.

11:38 AM  

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