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Monday, January 16, 2006

Ready, Set, ....

Before I left for knit night, I put some lace weight dye your own yarn into some water to soak. I'm dyeing it right now to get set for the knitting olympic games. We'll see how it works. It wasn't well thought out. There's always another skein tomorrow.

I was at knit night tonight and someone asked me if I read the Yarn Harlot. I said that I do all the time. She said that I had said three things the Yarn Harlot wrote about in her last book. I confessed to not having finished her last book. I became physically ill at the part about Christmas knitting and couldn't continue on. I was ordered to finish reading the book by next week as my "assignment". Apparently one thing I had said was regarding scissors. I was leaving early to go to Target to buy scissors. We have atleast 15 pairs of kids scissors and they are all missing. In ten years I will ask my knitting friend to borrow a pair of scissors. I bet when she has kids, she can't find any scissors either. The other thing I said was that my husband was begging me to start the holiday knitting for next year the day after Christmas. Poor guy had a rough holiday season and I didn't even finish his gift on time. I'm not sure what the third thing was. I bet it was something that every mother says over and over and over. I can't wait until these ladies have kids. With four kids, I'm like an alien being.


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