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Friday, May 13, 2005

This house is never dull.

Well, I called the exterminator to find out what to do about the Southern short-tailed shrews. I was informed that those are wildlife and I needed to call the Department of Natural Resources. I called them and they said the man to help me is Dan and Dan won't be back until Monday. This doesn not make me happy. So I asked the kind lady on the phone, "If I trap the other one, do I need to keep it until Monday?" She had no idea. I have called people all up and down the state and get referred back to Dan and the very nice lady who answers the phone at DNR. Sigh... All these things are getting in the way of fun things to do like knit, take showers, fold the laundry. Since we released the first shrew into the wilds of the cornfields we haven't seen or heard another shrew. These are not quiet mammals. You can tell when they are in the house. Maybe I'll get to knit tonight and can post a photo. Maybe the shrews won't come back. I doubt I have that kind of luck. Maybe I'll post a map in our lower level with a "you are here" pin. Southern means south. Am I right?


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