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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Finishing Day

 Every once in awhile I have finishing day. This is where I find a bunch of projects that just have a bit left and finish them. I hate finishing work, so I have a tendency to put it off.

I had wanted wiggly eye buttons for my critters for a long time. I found some great ones at JoAnn's and they were 50% off over the holiday weekend. I bought all they had of both styles. The ones on the fish and turtle are actually one button. I know the fish should have eyes on either side of his head but he had a felting mishap. His nose felted closed (it wasn't supposed to). He had to have abdominal surgery in order to be stuffed.

The bags are from Pursenalities (Vintage Bubble bag made out of Big Kureyon and Naturgarn) and Pursenalities Plus (Lagoon made out of naturgarn with an alternate style of closure. I still want to line the bags which will probably involve a trip back to JoAnn's. Posted by Picasa


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