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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Knitting Emergency

I need a baby blanket and I need it quick. I went to three shops to get super soft acrylic. I settled on Bernat Softee Baby. I did an extensive survey of my knit/crochet literature. (I will not tell you how many books I have!)I came up with a pattern. I then decided to double the yarn and use much larger needles. I started in on the swatch. The pattern said Rows 1-6: Purl. Why would anyone purl 6 rows. I went through the pattern and everywhere it said purl, I changed it to a knit. I then cast-on for a swatch. I figure I need 2/3 the amount of stitches that the original pattern called for and you can see my swatch. It's sideways for the artistic shot of it on my new knitting backpack my mother got me. The new backpack is quilted with pockets and zippers. Mom got it for $2.50, massively reduced, at Schnucks. Posted by Picasa


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