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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Knit some holiday cheer!

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Alison from the Image hosted by has started a new knitalong. It's perfect for all of us insane holiday knitters.

Top reasons to join a holiday knitalong

1. You need to see that there are other insane holiday knitters.

2. When you compare other people's holiday knitting list to your own, you will appear perfectly sane. See, my goals of knitting 18 items is sooo.... reasonable.

3. You can show the holiday KAL blog to your spouse/significant other/mental health professional to prove that you are sane or atleast in good company.

4. Peer Pressure, don't be outdone by your fellow knitbloggers.

5. You can blog without guilt about the holiday knitting items that you are not knitting because you are blogging.

Is it all making sense now?


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