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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Dragon Sweater goes on....

I've got about 9" of sleeve out of 14" on the dragon sweater. It's not to the point yet where I've figured out how many stitches left in the sleeve and how many stitches I knit per hour. That's probably going to be tomorrow or Thursday. By next week I will have figured out how many minutes left to knit every inch of the sweater.

It's been a busy day. It started out with the septic people at 7:30 am so that I could enjoy the use of large amounts of water again for things such as bathing, laundry etc. There's nothing like the sound of the swish of the washing machine after you haven't been able to use it for days. All for the bargain low price of $149.17. In a few days I will be sick of the swish swish sound of the washing machine and still have mountains of laundry.

My mom asked me on Monday, why the baby was throwing up on Sunday. I told her it could have been from shots but I was pretty sure it was because I couldn't do laundry. He didn't have a temp and was perfectly fine on Monday. That's pretty much how parenting works. It's a constant like in mathematics. Children always pick the most inconvenient time for things like throwing up.

On a different note, I was reading the Yarn Harlot's new book and I got to the part about knitting for Christmas. I practically developed hives. I have all kinds of scarves to knit and I'm still working on the dragon sweater. Heck, I've barely started the dragon sweater. I hate knitting scarves and my family LOVES knit scarves. They go to craft shows and see them with huge scary price tags on them and then they wait for Christmas. Then their cousin and aunt show up with hand knit and crochet scarves in gift bags with adorable tags (made by mom) and I'm sure they feel cherished. If they don't please don't tell me, because I HATE KNITTING SCARVES. I've tried to get them to like felted bags and it just hasn't worked. I wonder if I could get away with cell phone cozies?Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Siri said...

Is there really a convenient time for kids to get sick? O.K. I guess some are better than others. When your washing machine isn't working is definitely not the best.
Let's see, we've had:
1. immediately after going through security at the airport.
2. twice in the last year, we've been invited to housewarming parties from C's clients and each time one of the boys was sick, so I had to stay home.
3. camping in the tent, camping over last labor day weekend so we had to pack up and drive home in the middle of the night.
We all have our stories, haven't we?
Curious to see how the dragon sweater turns out.

10:53 PM  

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