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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Hand-dyed Bag

I started out with 3 sts worked in the round. I increased in each stitch for 2 rows. Then I increased 6 times per row evenly until the repeats of color lined up and the bag was big enough around. I had two repeats per row. Then I just knit up the bag. Sometimes I would have to knit tighter or looser to keep things somewhat lined up. When I was running out of yarn I did the three stitch i-chord bind off with 2 st buttonholes every 6 sts or so. I had so little yarn left that I had to braid the ties instead of knitting them. If I do this bag again I will dye two skeins to match and make it taller. It was a fun experiment with the yarn my daughter helped me dye. I'm now trying to figure out the math to dye my yarn to fit specific bag patterns. With the knitpicks worsted weight yarn I did two repeats in 150 sts on size 5 needles. I think I can use that knowledge to figure out how to dye to make more bags that have the color pool like it did in this bag.


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