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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Little More Info on the Egg Dye Yarn Dyeing

I used the basic concept from
I soaked the yarn first, I didn't time it like suggested in my Twisted Sister's Sock Workbook (which I highly recommend). I'm a mom of four children with not a lot of time. I have to fit my hobbies in between nursing the baby. I just accept that this isn't science and each batch will be different. I think of it as art. Who would want two identical paintings? Anywho, I learned after batch one to remove the excess water with a towel, otherwise the dyes run together. Then I place the yarn on two pieces of saran wrap with wide masking tape holding them together (not touching the yarn). Then I begin to squirt on color. When it's yuck, I cover it with another color being careful not to end up with brown. If the blue is too blue then add red or yellow. I read somewhere to add the closest color on the color wheel, probably Twisted Sister's. When my purple was too purple I added a touch of pink. I squirted all my colors on, rolled it up loosely, room for expansion during steaming. Only one packet exploded and it didn't make a mess. Then I did the 2 min in the microwave (power 7 for my microwave which is powerful) and then rested it for two until the dye bath was clear. In a previous post I put down how I mixed the dyes. If you have any questions you can email me.


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