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Monday, November 21, 2005

Number 9 almost finished

Scarf number 9 just needs the ends woven in and the fringe cut and put on. Scarf #10 has the first 4 repeats completed. I was so close to casting on the decadence leg warmers when there was a knitting emergency. My lastest ritual with my 3 year old is to sit on the end of his bed and knit while he goes to sleep. He's now decided that I must knit for him when he goes to sleep. He knew exactly what ball of yarn he wanted and what he wanted me to knit. He wants a green "Kirby". That would be the little nintendo character that is usually bubblegum pink. All projects were shoved aside to work on the little green guy. I need to find out where you can buy sew-on wiggly eyes. If anyone knows, let me know.


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